Terease is a skateboarder who drinks herbal tea.
An athletic artist & heartfelt graphic designer with the vitality of a farmer, compassion of an educator and the responsiveness of a dancer.

Currently an environmental graphic, branding, and experience designer at RSP Architects on the shore of the mighty Mississippi in Minneapolis. She studied art at the University of Minnesota, graduated with a BFA in graphic design at Minneapolis College of Art and Design, completed exhibits for clients around the country while working at the Science Museum of Minnesota for 3 years. She even took mandatory days off for snowboarding with her team while working at Rome Snowboards in Vermont. As a public artist, Terease has lead several fun or wellness-themed shanties as a participant in Minnesota’s acclaimed “Burning Man in the Winter”, the Art Shanty projects at 5 different events between the years of 2007 and 2014. Her professional adventures have included designing for and launching a Kickstarter campaign for the largest organic CSA farm in the lower Lake Superior region while still managing to spend every day swimming in the lake. 

For 4 years she has studied and taught Qoya, a medicinal movement practice for women, while serving on the board at Sacred Heart Music Center, Interfaith Community Church and assisting in graphics and marketing for these as well as other small businesses and cultural centers in northern Minnesota.

Her latest passions are rhythm rollerskating, bouldering (climbing—without ropes) and selling vintage clothing.  

Contact her at 

design at terease dot com 

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Powderhorn Park, Minneapolis
Minnesota, USA

The Mild Wild is made by a skateboarder who drinks herbal tea.
Designing and attuning to the now.
Farming, educating and dancing into the future. 

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